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Thu Jun 12 15:02:19 UTC 2003

Hello Valerie, Stefan and list.
Yes I am a bit behind with e-mails. I need some help with this one,
What a beautiful clear photo, but I do not understand the spelling in relationship with the hands on the photo. Will you have time to explain  Stefan? I hope you still have this message in your file as I do not know how to transfer the attachment. I tried it, but it did not work.
Thanks, Tini.
SignWriting List
May 24, 2003

I love the Front View - the Front view was all we had in the was only in 1985, that we started to write expressively,
and when that happened, the overhead view became popular, but the Front
view is still better many times and I prefer it, partly because I am
used to it, since that is the way the invention began... This is a
lovely photo and diagram, Stefan...The Front View has detailed
rules...These rules are written in the DanceWriting books, and not the
SignWriting I am looking forward to coordinating these books
into the Lessons Database...I must go back to symbol editing to finish
the symbols you all requested first, though...Val ;-)


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