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Charles response:

The only program that I know of that is in development is a Palm Pilot type of instrument being developed by Antonio Carlos Rocha de Costa (Rocha) at the University of Pelotas, in Rio Grande de Sul.  rocha at  .  This is based on the Sign Shorthand portion of SW.  This information is as of 2001 so it may have been updated since my work there.

I hope this helps.

Charles Butler

Querido Fernando,

O solamente programme de SW que yo estoy saber esta o "Palm Pilot" que se develope de Antonio Carlos Rocha de Cost (Sr. Rocha) a Universidade de Pelotas, en Rio Grande De Sul.  rocha at Esse informacion esta circa 2001, mas novo a tempo.

Espero que ayudar.

Charles Butler

Translation for Valerie Sutton and list,

Very pleased to meet you, I am a person who has heard about your work with the Deaf persons in Colombia, South America.  I have workd a long time with them and I am interested to know if there exists a "palm pilot" in which to input signwriting.

I am sorry to write in Spanish, as the dominant language is English, but I hope that you can understand some Spanish, or can find someone to help you with translation.

Can you help me with this? Or direct me to a manufacturer or someone who can point me to one?

I work for the Tree Foundation of Life in Columbia, with Jose Cely who used to write you frequently.

I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

Fernandomacu at

Deaf Action Committee <dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
SignWriting List
April 5, 2004

Carlos Fernando Martinez Cubillos wrote:
> Valerie sutton, mucho gusto, soy una persona oyente que trabaja con
> personas sordas en Colombia, America del sur. Llevo mucho tiempo
> trabajndo con ellos y estoy interesado en saber si existe un
> computador de bolsillo o palm en el que se pueda ingresar el sign
> writing.
> Le pido disculpas por escribir en espa Q× l, pero no domino para nada el
> ingl }± ; espero que usted  entienda algo de espa Q× l, o tenga quien le
> ayude en la traduccion.
> Me puede ayudar con mi duda? O me puede indicar alguna f HÜ rica o
> persona que me oriente?
> Yo trabajo con la Fundacion Arbol de vida de Colombia, con Josu Z  Cely
> con el cual usted se escribe con frecuencia.
> Le agradezco mucho en lo que me pueda orientar.
> fernandomacu at


English Translation

Valerie Sutton, with pleasure, I am a hearing person who works with
deaf people in Colombia, South America. I have worked a long time with
Deaf people and I am interested in knowing if a pocket computer or palm
exists in which sign can be entered in writing.

Please excuse me for writing in Spanish, but I cannot write in English;
I hope that you understand some Spanish, or have someone who helps you
with the translation.

Can you help me with my question? Or can you direct me, to some factory
or person that can help me?

I work with the Arbol Foundation of life of Colombia, with Joshua Cely,
with whom you have written frequently.

I thank you very much for your help...

fernandomacu at
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