[sw-l] Steps for using SignText

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Dec 13 17:40:02 UTC 2004

Hi Trevor,

There are four steps:

1) Finding the right symbol
The initial symbol grid on the right of the screen displays the 50 groups of
the IMWA.  Clicking on a symbol will display the  symbols and variations for
the selected group.  Clicking on a symbol or variation will display the
fills and rotations for the selected symbol.  The icon "Group List" will
return the symbol grid to the 50 groups of the IMWA.

2) Creating a sign in the SignBox
The SignBox is the large square in the middle of the screen.  Any symbol
from the symbol grid can be used to create a sign in the SignBox.  Once you
find the symbol you want, drag & drop the symbol onto the SignBox.  Keep
dragging & dropping symbols until the sign is complete

3) Adding a sign to the list
After the sign is complete, change the gloss of the sign from "sign-1" to a
better name. (Or leave it as is if you want.)  There are three icons that
add the sign to the list: "Left Lane", "Center Lane", "Right Lane".
(Perhaps we should change "Center Lane" to "Add Sign".)  If you are creating
a document, use the appropriate lane.  If you are planning on importing the
signs into SignPuddle, any lane will do.  After you press one of the lane
icons, the sign will appear below the "SWML Output" button.  The text in the
gloss box will change to "sign-2".  When you add another sign to the list,
it will appear below the first sign you added, and so on down the page.

4) Generating the SWML
After your list is complete, press the "SWML Output" button.  This will open
a new page with the SWML.

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On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:

> Has anyone tested the new program SignText yet? We need your feedback!
> See instructions below...I would suggest using a fast browser, such as
> FireFox or Mac Safari...But no matter what, give it a try and tell us
> what happened -

I did a quick test; clicked on a few SignWriting symbols but after the
symbols changed there seemed to be nothing happening. Had expected a
display of some SW text to appear but nothing did. Clickingon the SWML
output button gave a doctype declaration but there was no content. :-(

Used an earlier version of FireFox (Mozilla 1.0RC2).

Regards, Trevor

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