[sw-l] SignText Beta: download and dictionary import

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Dec 14 16:28:44 UTC 2004

Hi Sandy,

Antonio Carlos originally imagined one version of SWML that everyone could
use.  Then came SWML-D for the Flemish dictionary.

Then I created SWML-S for a very simple SWML format that was easy to read
and based on the IMWA.  I wasn't concerned with backwards compatibility.
SWML-S can not work with sss-95 or sss-99.

Converting between SWML formats is not hard.  Converting between symbol sets
is hard.  SignPuddle uses sss-2004.  SW-Edit does not.  Once new application
begin to use the IMWA, conversion will become trivial.  Until them,
conversions will probably not happen.

I believe it is more important that the IMWA (sss-2004) is used as the
standard, rather than the form of the SWML.


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Hi Stephen!

I haven't rellay used SignText yet, but being able to store and upload the
SWML is _just_ what I wanted - thanks!

UNfortunately I've tried to unzip the IMWA twice on my machine now and it
just can't cope. I have XP on my laptop but my laptop is supposed to be a
"clean machine" that I don't connect to the internet (and catch lots of
email viruses!). However, when I get my new DVD writer set up I should be
able to transfer the 8MB download on disk.

One question: I also use SW-Edit a lot (it's the only SWML-producing SW I
have at the moment for offline use) - do you think it would be feasible to
write a converter between SWML-S and SWML? Or do the SWML people need to
start talking about standards?


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