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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Feb 25 16:44:25 UTC 2004

Hi Valerie, Tini, Stuart, Adam and friends on the list -

surprise ;-))

but so kind of you to discuss my birthday - song question a second time with
more feedback --

Valerie answers is excellent. Whenever I stumble about SL - course documents
that include gloss-writing in order to support learners in their efforts to
get familiar with SL - grammar - I ask myself --

what is up - with the help of SW we can get so much more. SW will illustrate
the performance many times better ... Gloss-writing has been very popular
because of the easy way to write the words of the hearing in a different
order. But from the point of view of a teacher for the deaf I always felt
uncomfortable with that. Sl deserves more respect. And just in contrary - I
am positive that this gloss-transcription is one root to cause
misunderstanding between the culture of the hearing and the culture of the
SL - users.

Now we are lucky to take advantage of this brilliant movement-writing -
system- invented by Valerie Sutton.

Ha - all the bits and pieces that go along with an accurate SL- performance
can be written with so much accuracy - if we want to.
People are always surprised if I demonstrate the power of SW if I ask two
deaf people to sign the same phrase -
The transcription of the video is a wonderful demonstration to show the
differences in hand shape, eye-gaze, head movement ....

Since I learned to write SW or GebaerdenSchrift ( with all the important
Mundbilder in DGS) I look very different at gloss - transcription -

Stefan ;-))

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SignWriting List
February 24, 2004

On Feb 24, 2004, at 3:47 PM, Tini Pel wrote:
> Birthday for you happy
> Birthday for you happy
> Birthday  you dear...........
> Birthday for you happy.
> Just a try,probably wrong, I'll hear about it I hope
> Tini.


Dear SW List and Tini!
Ha! Thanks for this suggestion, Tini...You and I are both hearing
people, and I am not native to ASL, so I hope a person who grew up with
ASL will answer this too...

But following your gloss above, Tini, I would not know how to write it
in SignWriting. Which of the four signs for birthday would you choose?
smile....and are you going to write pauses?...Usually in ASL there is a
feeling to sections of sentences that require the writing of a short
pause, or comma....I can show you later...I would think there would be
a couple probably, but without seeing it signed, I would be afraid to
write it...

And how would you sign "DEAR"?....People told me in the past that ASL
doesn't really have a sign for DEAR...using LOVE is a hearing person's

So now, I hope someone will post some SignWriting in ASL and give us an
ASL grammar lesson - we can use it!

Val ;-)


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> Subject: Need Help From an ASL signer on the List...
>> SignWriting List
>> February 24, 2004
>> Dear SW List Members:
>> A few weeks ago, Stefan in Germany asked if someone could write the
>> "Happy Birthday Song" in ASL for us, in SignWriting? I am not an
>> expert
>> on ASL, and if I wrote it, the ASL signs would be in English
>> word-order, and we all know that is not true ASL...
>> So Stuart, or Adam, or any other ASL signer on the List....I am
>> writing
>> to ask a favor....
>> Can you write "Happy-Birthday-To You" in ASL grammar for us?
>> Type it in SignWriter DOS and post the sentence to the List. If you
>> cannot make a graphics file yourself, then send the SGN file to me and
>> I can convert it for you. Or you can do it yourself, by exporting the
>> file in SignWriter DOS. That will create a BMP. Send me the BMP
>> (smile)....
>> I hope someone will respond!
>> I am very curious myself (smile)...
>> Val ;-)

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