ASL - Grace

Adam Frost seniorafrost at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 26 06:21:07 UTC 2004

Stuart and List,

I am not too pro at SW spelling (or spelling at that matter), but it seems
good to me. As for the sign, I have a question because I have never seen
that sign. That doesn't mean that it is wrong. I have been shown many signs
that I had never before seen, but were great signs. I have been looking for
a sign for grace for a long time and have yet to find a sign that gives the
full meaning. Do you know what idea this sign comes from or where it comes
from? Maybe it is just a sign that is just used in your general area and/or
just your general relgious sign. Maybe you can let me know what part of the
country you are in and which relgion you are to help me.


PS The ASL Birthday Song is coming soon. ;-)

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