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Visually, it looks like the wedge hand is turning away from the body before it comes down to become the flat hand.  I would flip the turn arrow the other way so that the arrows are pointing in the same visual direction.  I guess use the arrow that traces the little finger side.

Stuart Thiessen <smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:I am working on the transcription of a common religious sign for grace.
(See attached). I wanted to check if anyone could think of a clearer

It starts with a 5-hand fingertips together facing outward just in
front of the dominant side shoulder then the hand twists with the wrist
toward the body while moving toward the non-dominant shoulder and ends
up in an open 5-hand that touches the front of the shoulder. My primary
question is how to order the movement symbols when it is a more complex
movement like this?

Does my spelling look clear?



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