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I tend to use the arrow that fits in a given situation.  In your case, the arrow you have is readable, but confusing in that it doesn't lead to the second arrow going down and to the left to the flat hand.  Using that arrow to show a door being opened, with the hand moving toward you is readable, so I'd use it in that situation because the "feel" is to the outside.  Using the little finger arrow, for me, is when the "feel" is to the inside even though the motion is the same.


Stuart Thiessen <smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
I was concerned about that too, Charles. I am still confused on the
rotation symbols because of the issue of whether the thumb or little
finger leads the rotation. I have never gotten a good feel for that
and how to write it. It would be nice if there was a clearer way to
describe that choice. No offense, Valerie. I know describing these
things are hard :). When do you use the arrow curving down and up and
when to use the arrow curving up and down is another question I am not
too sure I understand.



On Feb 26, 2004, at 9:20 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Visually, it looks like the wedge hand is turning away from the body
> before it comes down to become the flat hand.  I would flip the turn
> arrow the other way so that the arrows are pointing in the same visual
> direction.  I guess use the arrow that traces the little finger side.
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I am working on the transcription of a common religious sign for
> grace.
> (See attached). I wanted to check if anyone could think of a clearer
> spelling.
> It starts with a 5-hand fingertips together facing outward just in
> front of the dominant side shoulder then the hand twists with the wrist
> toward the body while moving toward the non-dominant shoulder and ends
> up in an open 5-hand that touches the front of the shoulder. My primary
> question is how to order the movement symbols when it is a more complex
> movement like this?
> Does my spelling look clear?
> Thanks,
> Stuart
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