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February 26, 2004

Dear SW List, Stuart, Charles, Adam...
Here are several ways this could be written - I will be happy to
explain each one...Please see the attached diagram...

Give me an hour to finish the Greek files, since I promised to post
some files for them...

Meanwhile, as you can see by the attached, I would not write the
rotation symbol separately, since it is a part of the traveling
movement I believe...That is an interesting sign and it may be that I
have not understood it, so I will write again soon to explain how to
read each version...And I assure you, I take no offense that you feel
something is hard to write! These signs are like a piece of art...each
one has to be crafted to fit the feeling of the sign the best as is
possible...and then people start memorizing the writing (the
SignSpelling) and after awhile, the details are no longer analyzed, and
people read it for meaning, rather than for how the sign is
produced...that is exactly the way it happened is writing English
words...they were spelled differently for centuries, until people
created a standard let's try to find the clearest version
for writing the sign for GRACE...not necessarily the most accurate, but
the spelling that would be read the fastest for meaning...Val ;-)

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