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February 26, 2004

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> It starts with a 5-hand fingertips together facing outward just in
> front of the dominant side shoulder then the hand twists with the wrist
> toward the body while moving toward the non-dominant shoulder and ends
> up in an open 5-hand that touches the front of the shoulder. My primary
> question is how to order the movement symbols when it is a more complex
> movement like this? Does my spelling look clear? Thanks, Stuart

Dear SW List, and Stuart -
Let me take this step-by-step....How would I read your attached sign,
if I did not have the word description above? I would read that the
dominant hand twists "in place" BEFORE traveling. Why? Because the
rotation symbol you wrote means to "rotate while not traveling"...To
make it a traveling rotation, you need to combine the rotation symbol
with a traveling movement arrow...continued next
this is beautifully written, if the rotation happened first, and then
the arm traveled second...

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