SignWriting in Greece web pages...;-)

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Feb 27 18:07:29 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
February 27, 2004

Daniel Noelpp in Switzerland wrote:
> The new SignWriter Java can handle Unicode letters for entering
> gloss. But I believe you cannot save such texts (signs with Greek
> gloss) in the SGN format because the Latin-1 encoding doesn't
> contain or only very few greek letters, but SWML should be fine
> because XML is based on Unicode. I hope the Greek contributors can
> help me testing the new Java
> program and tell me whether it works with Greek letters. Daniel

Dear SW List, and Daniel!
This is good information to know, Daniel. Regarding the typing of the
Greek spoken language in SignWriter Java...I am happy to know that you
can use Unicode in your new SignWriter Java someday...;-)

One thing that I learned recently regarding fingerspelling...there are
only 24 Greek Fingerspelling keys needed, when typing Greek
Fingerspelling in SignWriting. As you know, the old version of Java was
based on a Keyboard Editor program, where I could design and enter
different keyboards for SignWriter. If your new SignWriter Java can
create different keyboard designs too, then it appears that a Greek
Fingerspelling Keyboard is definitely possible. When you go to this web
page: will notice to the right, the name of the key is there...Themis,
who did this work, decided what keys he wanted each Fingerspelling
symbol to go it is just a matter of designing the
Fingerspelling Keyboard to match his requests...

I am so impressed with Themis' work!!

Val ;-)

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