[sw-l] Hinge Hand 01-05-036

Valerie Sutton sutton at signwriting.org
Mon Jul 12 14:19:19 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
June 12, 2004

Charles Butler wrote:
> This looks, to me, like the Hinge Hand (SSS 41), not the "g" hand 
> (Thumb-finger Open hinge (SSS 74) I have seen before.  If it is the 
> "Hinge" hand, then the sign is either lefthanded, or the right hand is 
> really twisted around because of the thicker fingers on the right side 
> of the chin.

Dear SW List, and Charles:
Yes. That is the Hinge Hand...Please see the attached diagram.

The Hinge Hand is 01-05-036...smile...

Where did you get the number SSS 41? Just curious...Val ;-)

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