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Dear Val,
I saw the web page and like it very much. One thing that I realized when
reading different things on the SW site and/or e-mail list is a little
confusion about spelling: the country is Philippines, but the Sign
Language is Filipino Sign Language (FSL) I realize that might create
confusion with Flemish Sign Language (also: FSL)
I wrote the summary you asked for. It is attached to this message. We
are living in Daraga, a small town close to Legaspi (that is on the map
that you posted, on the northern island "Luzon", but almost all the way
to the south on the eastern side of the island).
We have several smaller documents that could be posted on the web, but
it will take a few more weeks for me to get there (they are in DOS on
one computer that I cannot access through our internal network right
now, but I hope that at the latest in about a month we should have all
the technical things worked out, then I will send you what we have) -
but I guess that even without me sending this immediately you will not
be bored, right?
Thanks for all you wonderful work and help, Val.
Greetings from the Philippines,

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SignWriting List
August 6, 2005

Hello Nana and Everyone!
Have you seen your new web page?...

SignWriting in the Philippines

or go to this web page to find your icon!

Who Uses SignWriting?

And Nana - When you have time, no rush, can you write a summary of  
the work you are doing and the workshops you are presenting, in the  
Phlippines? I can then post that on this new web page, for visitors  
to learn of your work...

I hope you approve of this new web page? if you want me to change  
something, just ask!

I have one document on that web page. Do you have others for me to  
post? And, what city are you in? ;-)

And I have a gift to tell you about next message...

Val ;-)

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