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June 10, 2005

> Honza in the Czech Republic wrote:
> This days Tomas has also software via it he also can edit pdf.
> files, but what Anny have done will sure help...

Yes. Anny's work is a great help. There is also another way to
extract the illustrations from any PDF file now...It is free with the
free Adobe Acrobat Reader program...Read the instructions below:



1. Download the SignWriting document in PDF Format
Let us imagine you wish to translate the Level 3 Goldilocks story. I
download it by clicking on this link:

Goldilocks Storybook, SignWriting Level 3


2. Once you download the document, be sure that you have Acrobat Reader
7.0, which is a free program. You can download the newest version of
Acrobat, 7.0, on the web. Do that now:

Download Acrobat Reader 7.0


3. Open the Goldilocks document in Acrobat Reader 7.0...

4. With your document open to the front page in Acrobat Reader...Chose
SAVE AS TEXT under the File Menu (see diagram). This will create a Text
document of all of the spoken language in the entire document. It will
be saved as a .txt document on your desktop. You can open it in
MicroSoft Word or any Text editor program, so you can prepare the
translation from English to your spoken language easily...continued
next message...

5. To capture the graphics in the document, there are two methods using
Acrobat Reader 7.0...the Select Tool and the Snapshot Tool...

6. SELECT TOOL in Acrobat Reader
Under the Tools Menu, go to Basic, and then Select Tool. Click on the
diagram you want to copy, and then choose Copy from the File Menu. You
can then paste it into other documents.

7. SNAPSHOT TOOL in Acrobat Reader 7.0
Under the Tools Menu, go to Basic, and then Snapshot Tool. You will get
a crosshair tool. Make a box around the area you want to take a picture
of...This will place the snapshot of your diagram on your clipboard, so
you can paste it into another document, such as Microsoft Word...
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