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Mon Jun 13 16:11:00 UTC 2005

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June 13, 2005

> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> I'd just like to say it's not my (Anny)'s work but Siv Fossaug's...  
> I only
> did the english to french translation... Siv did all the work to  
> put things
> together!!! Thank you SIV!

Hello Anny and Everyone!
Oh. That is great you told us. Your and Siv's work (smile) has really  
been a great blessing, not only for French-Switzerland, but putting  
the book into Microsoft Word was very helpful for other  

Siv is not on the SignWriting List so we do not have that much  
contact. I will write privately to her to thank her...smile...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at SignWriting.org

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