LESSONS in SignSpelling and SignPuddle

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what do you mean by "refresh button " ?!?!


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October 24, 2005

Hello Anny and also Steve -
Maybe Steve can have other suggestions...

But for me, after I change the sign's name in SignPuddle, and I press the
Rename Button, I then have to press the Refresh Button several times in my
web browser, sometimes two or three times, before the web browser can empty
the cache, so that you see what is really there...

As you know, web browsers hold the memory of what you saw before, in the
cache. So even when a name is changed, that cache will make you see what was
there before, even though internally the change was made...so when you press
the refresh button on your browser, and it takes several times pressing
refresh...then the cache is emptied and you see what you really have...

When I make a small change in SignPuddle, I press the refresh button three
times and I see the sign change before my eyes to the new one...

Which browser are you using?  Val ;-)


Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
when. as an editor, I do exactly what you describe above... everything works
fine till I get to N° 11... when I do remame My new sign (the one I just
entered) and use the name of the sign I just deleted... then on the screen I
see the old version of the sign (the one I just deleted...) and there's no
way I can get back to the one I changed and renamed as "Hello4"

whant am I doing wrong ?


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SignWriting List
October 16, 2005

Hello Kathleen, Stefan, Ingvild, and Everyone!
I want to thank all of you for being so open to changing and improving your
dictionaries online. It means a lot to see that these Rules are helping, and
I feel encouraged...I particularly want to thank Stefan, for encouraging me
to start teaching again with the eLessons...and Honza too...thanks for
that...sometimes I need that encouragement...so I hope you all will keep
informing me of what you need...

You are right, that new writers would never think of such rules...it takes
skilled writers, who already have some experience, to realize the importance
of them, so I think you are moving into a more advanced understanding of the
structure of writing movement...that is good, because as SignWriting spreads
in Belgium, Kathleen, newcomers could have an easier experience, if they
know these rules in advance...as one of the pioneers, you have to go back to
fix the spellings...ugh! smile ;-)

Actually, so do we in the US...our ASL SignPuddle needs a lot of cleaning

How to make changes in SignPuddle? Here is how I personally do it:

1. I go to Dictionary Editors, and login as an Editor.
2. Then, I scroll up to the top of the Dictionary Editor section to search
for the sign I want to clean...let us pretend: I search for the sign HELLO.
3. I find three signs for HELLO...they are HELLO, HELLO_2, HELLO_3.
4. I push the LOAD button for one of them, and sometimes I have to refresh
my screen to see the loaded sign...
5. I now have the sign in SignMaker, ready to be changed. I make the change.
I save the sign to the dictionary still using the SAME name HELLO.
6. SignPuddle automatically puts a number on the end of it...it becomes
7. I then click on the Dictionary Editors icon again and once again search
for HELLO.
8. Let us imagine I want to replace the first HELLO with the new one I just
9. First, I delete the first HELLO.
10. Then I scroll down and find the new HELLO that is named HELLO_4.
11. I Rename that new one, to become HELLO without any number. Push the
Rename button.
12. Then press the Refresh button on your browser at least TWO times.
13. Your new sign is now the first one on the list, and is no longer number

 Everytime you want to replace a sign, you load it, change it, and re-save
it with the same name and then go back and delete the original and rename
the new one...

Hope that helps!

Val ;-)


Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
I'll print out these rules and will tape them next to the computers at my
school so people who create new signs will not forget the rules ;) Also at
home ;)

Now the rules are much clearer , when I started creating signs I didn't
think about all this. So I'll have to go through all the signs we made in
the Flemish signpuddle to correct the signs, and I'll have to make
adjustments to the Goldilocks documents.

 Have you any tips for me how to work fast and efficient with signpuddle?
Because when I make a mistake usually I go to the puddle and log in as
editor... then I load the sign and make the change. I have to save it under
a different name or the same name with '_2' added. And then go through the
'delete' and 'change the name again' process.

 Greetings Kathleen


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