SIGNTEXT Copying Sentences into Microsoft Word

eghoffma at UMICH.EDU eghoffma at UMICH.EDU
Tue Feb 21 19:12:54 UTC 2006

I'm experimenting with different ways to get signs into Word and it's 
going pretty well - thanks to all who responded with suggestions.
New question: I've done a SSW refresher with the online lessons, but 
there are some symbol groups on signtext editor which I can't find 
explanations for/descriptions of on the lessons. In particular, I'm 
trying to figure out how to represent contact with the chest. I see two 
groups that are likely candidates for representing that - in particular 
the series indicated with by the torso with the dot on the neck. But I 
do want to be sure I'm using the system correctly - is there an online 
source that explains all the symbols in sign text editor?
Thank you,
Erika Hoffmann

Quoting Valerie Sutton <sutton at>:

> SignWriting List
> February 20, 2006
> Hello Everyone!
> This is very encouraging, to see how many people are using the new  SignText:
> SignText
> Steve is now improving the design of the software, so there are good  
> days to come...
> In time (and I have no idea how hard this is to program), I hope we  
> will be able to transport complete sentences with all the formatting  
> into other programs like MircroSoft Word, by being able to export the 
>  entire sentence as one big graphic a png of the entire  
> sentence or document.
> But until such a feature is available, you can create a screen  
> capture of the sentence, and create the graphic yourself, in a paint  
> or graphics program like Photoshop.
> Once you have the whole sentence as a GIF or JPEG or PNG, you can  
> then place the graphic in Microsoft Word or any other program.
> So for now, you can drag and drop individual symbols or signs  
> directly from SignText, but for sentences, you can use screen  
> captures to capture the whole sentence...
> Do you know how to create a screen capture on your computer, Erika?  
> If not, I am happy to discuss that, so write again and tell us what  
> operating system you are using, like Windows? or Mac?...
> And do you know the term Drag and Drop? You told me that computers  
> are new for you, so I understand completely and we are happy to  
> write with questions...
> Val ;-)
> ------------------------
> Adam Frost wrote:
>> I have been doing it by copying the sign sentence in display or  
>> link or email into Word. Although, using display may not be best as  
>> it just copies the symbols and not the placeing. It may be a little  
>> different for you as to how then for me because of browser,  
>> computer platform etc., but I am sure it can be done. Adam
> ----------------
> Steve Slevinski wrote:
>> Hi Erika,
>> Getting signs into Word is not straight forward, but it is  
>> possible.  Once you understand what you need to do, moving signs  
>> into word isn't that hard.
>> There are 2 ways to get the signs into a word document.
>> Drag and Drop
>> ---------------
>> After you have completed a document in the SignText editor, you can  
>> go to the Link or Email screens.  These screens will have the signs  
>> as single images, rather than overlapping symbols.  You can drag  
>> individual signs from the browser window into word.
>> Copy and Paste
>> ----------------
>> Copy and paste is the best option because it can take all of the  
>> signs together, keep the lane information, and keep the signs  
>> centered properly.
>> However, copy and paste can be hit or miss.  You will need to  
>> experiment to find what works for you.  You can try a Select All  
>> and Copy from your email client or from the SignText Link page.   
>> Neither of these worked for me properly.  From my email client I  
>> only had the table and no signs.  From the Link page I had the  
>> signs but without the table.
>> I was able to find a solution that worked for me.  From my browser,  
>> I opened the SignText link page.  Using Firefox, I used the menu  
>> option File >> Save page as... to save a local copy to the  desktop. 
>>  I opened the local copy and used Select All and Copy.   When I 
>> pasted into Word, all of the graphics appeared in a table.   I 
>> reformatted the table to hide the border and was left with the  
>> signs appearing correctly in Word.
>> Go ahead and try to experiment to see what works for you.  You can  
>> email me privately if you need some help with your particular setup.
>> Regards,
>> -Steve
>> slevin at
> -------------------
>> eghoffma at UMICH.EDU wrote:
>>> Hello - I've been experimenting with the SignText editor and it's  
>>> going very well so far. However, for my purposes it's important  
>>> that I be able to move my SignWriting transcripts into a Word  
>>> document in order to integrate them into the text of my  
>>> dissertation. I am able to email them to myself and so forth, but  
>>> have not been able to put the SSW text into a Word document. Is  
>>> this possible?
>>> Thank you!
>>> All the best,
>>> Erika Hoffmann

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