Google logo is written in Braille today ;-))

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Thu Jan 5 19:52:58 UTC 2006

I would agree with Charles about Google being just one search engine 
among many.

My initial reaction is that Google would be fingerspelled and probably 
something like this:

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What do the rest of the ASL users think? If I were forced to make up a 
sign on the spot right now, I probably would sign "G" + SEARCH, but 
that is without any extra discussion with other ASL users. Maybe there 
are other more creative ways to sign it. ;)


On Jan 5, 2006, at 12:57, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 5, 2006
> On Jan 5, 2006, at 10:01 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
>> "Search the net" is a good phrase, but Google is a Trademark.  Brazil 
>> fingerspells SW though they call the system "escrita de sinais".
> Yes, people use our SignWriting trademarks differently around the 
> world, and that is fine with me! Some people use the English name, and 
> some translate it into their own spoken or signed languages, that is 
> all good from my
> So it will be up to the Google people, once the time comes, what they 
> will choose to do, since they own the Google trademark...
> Meanwhile, we also have to be sure that the Deaf Community is with 
> us...
> What do you think of this?...
> <searchgoogle4.gif>

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