Google logo is written in Braille today ;-))

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Thu Jan 5 20:20:21 UTC 2006

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What do the rest of the ASL users think? If I were forced to make up a 
> sign on the spot right now, I probably would sign "G" + SEARCH, but 
> that is without any extra discussion with other ASL users. Maybe there 
> are other more creative ways to sign it. ;)
> Stuart
I back up the fingerspelling, but, if the matter is in a sign for 
Google, I discussed it with my students and one of my Deaf friends and 
we agreed to sign Google as just SEARCH. We've chosen this sign because 
Google is just a searching program and some 95% Internet users use just 
this program for searching the web. This is the same situation like with 
other trademarks, like Walkman, Hoover etc. Walkman has become a 
walkman, and Hoover has become a hoover ;-). And in Poland we even use 
our own, colloquial word for Google: gugle, which is a plural nomitative 
and pronounced like [googleh] and inflected for case. And we have also a 
verb "guglańá" - to google :-).


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