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If you go to the SignBank for UK Sign Language and hit "sign symbol frequency" you can see a representative sprinkling of signs for each of the handshapes which would be needed for a UK translation of Sign Writing for Everyday Use.  I worked on a rewrite in Brazilian Portuguese and Libras so it is a challenge, but no impossible.  It does require systematically going through and examining the handshapes that are used in UK so that the illustrations can be appropriate to the lessons.  I'm intrigued, particularly, by this one for "cardiac arrest / heart attack" and am wondering if there are signs in Libras and in ASL where the angle of the finger from a right angle to a bent angle constitutes a "minimal pair."
   Cardiac Arrest / Heart Attack 
    Third person (he, she, or it)

Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa <shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at gmail.com> wrote:

youre our real hero!!! :-)

i'm trying very hard to sell the idea to the Durham people - my work
(hopefully) will work with them on the development of the sign lang
curriculum to be used in the schools (not deaf schools) in the UK and
Ireland - and that SW should be incorporated.

Some did complain that there is not enough representation from
England's deaf community or the sign linguists in the UK - i said i
did encourage them to go but they were very lukewarm - if there ain't
important people backing this, whats the point in going???

Need to get the deaf schools in England & Scotland to use signwriting
i.e. Doncaster, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol,
Exeter, Brighton, St Albans and the two schools in London - but can't
do anything UNTIL I can get someone to illustrate Val Sutton's
excellent SignWriting lessons with BSL signs - they will go phoo phoo
at the ASL pieces.

like you said, its the matter of time

Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa
European Sign Writers Organisation

On 3/18/06, Thierry Haesenne wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> If you haven't seen me lately on the list it is because I have been so busy
> I haven't even been able to follow up with everything on the list... Sorry
> guys! I am not letting you down....
> Val, and all the others, you will be happy to learn that another Deaf School
> in French-speaking Belgium has asked me to train their teachers (three deaf)
> about SW... They will start using it as soon as they have finished their
> basic training with me. The hearing teachers will be trained later...
> It's the Centre d'Enseignement Spécial Provincial de Mons (CESPM) in Ghlin
> (near Mons in the Hainaut Province, about 70km south-west of Brussels).
> A few weeks ago, I gave a short training session with my colleague Damien on
> SW and the glossing system during a special training day for the teachers of
> the Deaf. Someone from Ghlin passed on the message and about two days later,
> I was contacted and asked whether I could train two deaf people. The
> training session started on Friday and there will be several further
> training sessions until mid-May. But I encouraged the deaf teachers to start
> using SW with the kids (especially the handshapes and locations on the
> face). The movements will be taught later.
> I was also asked to organise a seminar on SW in one Deaf Club in Brussels on
> 21 April. The aim is to introduce deaf people and LSFB teachers to SW, and
> also encourage hearing people to use it to learn LSFB in a more efficient
> way. Also a group of LSFB teachers asked me to train them in SW, but we
> haven't arranged a date yet. I guess it will be in September since I don't
> have much availabilities till then.
> My colleague Damien is still training teachers of the Deaf in Brussels but
> they are still a bit afraid of using SW and the glossing system every day
> (they have used it on and off in class so far). In the bilingual school of
> Namur, some teachers were introduced to SW but have not requested any
> further developments. I guess it is just a matter of time... Until now, only
> the IRHOV (Deaf school in Liege) has started using it in class, and it will
> soon be followed by the CESPM of Ghlin.
> Val, I am teaching LSFB to Cecile Beaufort, so I see her twice every week!
> She often asks me questions about SW during pauses. I still need to go to
> her class to assess the progress and give her some guidance. Do not worry, I
> am keeping a close eye on the development of SW in French-speaking Belgium!
> I guess that in the near future, most Deaf Schools in French-speaking
> Belgium will be using SW (except the ones with a strong oralist tradition).
> I hope that's enough good news for now!!! smile :-)
> Take care, all of you!
> Thierry

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