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Hi Stefan,
     No, I will send drawings to Valerie by fax.  She will post them to this
list.  I am sorry that I do not have a scanner.

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Hi Andre, 
I am sorry maybe there is a misunderstanding – Do you want to see the
lifelike drawings and matching SW-symbols of closed fist and open fist as
you can find them on pages 56 – 59?
Nice to read that you like the book – it has been a tremendous task to
create all the drawings and TT-Fonts – smile 
Stefan ;-)) 

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Hi Stefan,
     I read your wonderful textbook (Handbuch zur GebardenSchrit).  
     Look at page 31.  There are three basic handshapes :  closed fist, open
fist, and flat hand.  In addition, there are three basic palm facings :
front view, side view and back view.
     On page 31, the flat hand is parallel to the front wall.  You show
three different palm facings.  It is very clear.  But I am curious:  could
you please show/tell me about open and closed fists with two different palm
facings (front view and back view)?
     Best regards,
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