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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Thu Jul 5 22:13:57 UTC 2007

Hi Val, 

you know that I have written hundreds of sw-pages with the DOS SW program 
There is a good chance to add over the years a hundred more symbols to the
symbol set - but do we really need that? 

I am afraid that in the end the whol system will be blown up that nobody -
besides you and some specialists will know what all the symbols stand for - 

SW is a wonderful system to describe movement as people observe movement. We
will find in any new performance of the same poem, the same story some
variations in handshapes, movement directions, angles ... but that is not
needed - 

Just feel free to add more symbols if you feel that this is important - but
from my point of view I use SW as a way to write down movement in some
general way. Compared to Spoken Language you will not find too many
newspapers written in IPA - symbols smile ... 

Just my opinion - 

and if you write play this way or that way (forearm parallel to the floor
indicated by the rotation axis - vs. forearm parallel to the wall) you
should be able to understand that the scribe tries to put more attention on
this or that angle but never would convince us that the forearm has to be
100% parallel to whatever-- smile. 


Nevertheless it makes sense to explain to people the concept of the rotation
symols - with the focus on the baby finger or on the thumb - but there are
already some good graphics about that in your e-lessons.  

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SignWriting List
July 5th, 2007

Just as traveling rotations can travel at diagonals, the static non- 
traveling rotations could also have the forearm at diagonals...the  
symbols would be consistent with each other, and we would have added  
choices for signs like PLAY in ASL...

See attached...What do you all think?

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