Handshapes and systematic discussion

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue Jun 2 13:30:54 UTC 2009

Hi Charles,

Charles Butler wrote:
> As we start getting photographs being laid side by side with the 
> graphics that have been created, I think we are going to come to a 
> MUCH BETTER consensus discussion and if that means that the ISWA has 
> to be edited, then so much the better.  All of us can be consulted and 
> come to a happy decision. 
If you want to start making notes for the ISWA 2012, please go ahead.  
Valerie and Adam are documenting the ISWA 2008 so you'll be getting more 
and more information to work with.

The ISWA 2008 will not be changing.  I highly doubt the ISWA will be 
revisited in the near future.  We have limited time and resources and we 
are moving forward.  Your attitude reinforces the idea that we are not 
ready for Unicode yet unless people accept the idea that no writing 
system is perfect and that knowledge can be gained by understanding the 

The ISWA 2008 was a labor of love.  We already had a formal review and 
that review ended last year.  The ISWA 2008 is the current standard for 

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