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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Feb 24 16:12:42 UTC 2010

Hi Charles,

Just to clarify.

The ISWA has 7 categories.  Your example of fast uses category 5 
(SymbolGroup 28 : dynamics). 

Category 7 (SymbolGroup 30: Advanced Sorting) is different and the topic 
of discussion.

Categories 1 thru 5 (SymbolGroups 1 thru 28) are the writing symbols.  
Only writing symbols are allowed in the spelling of a sign.

Category 6 (SymbolGroup 29: punctuation) is not allowed in the spelling 
or sequence of a sign.  It is always used by itself in the middle lane.

Category 7 (SymbolGroup 30: advanced sorting) is not allowed in the 
spelling of a sign but is allowed in the SignSpelling Sequence of a sign.
The Sign Symbol Sequence is the order of the symbols in the  ISWA.  The 
term was used by Valerie to replace the term alphabetical order.  
Alphabetical order, while technically correct for SignWriting, caused 
confusion because of the association between finger spelling and the 
Roman alphabet.  We sort by Sign Symbol Sequence order, but this is the 
order of the symbols for the entire ISWA.

The SignSpelling Sequence is a list of writing and sorting symbols for 
an individual sign.  This sequence of symbols is used for sorting.



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