Some buttons are not displayed in Slovenian

Edi Strouhal e.strouhal at GMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 11 21:20:51 UTC 2013

Good afternoon Mrs. Val, I translated in Slovenian languge all function for
Slovenian SignPuddle but I have some technical trouble - some entries are
not displayed in changed form but still in english variants, although
yesterday I changed all functions. Today I wrote some Signs for some button.
Realy it is very simple and to me very interesting.  

Some trouble which I have are next:
1. button for "Write Sign-Urejanje znakov" are empty,
2. button "New entry" - are not impossible to change. The same is with
button "Register".
3. All fuction for "SignWritings": "Symbol group list", ..."Rotate", "Fill
simbol", ... are not translated in Slovenian allthough I translated them.

This question is maybe for mr. Steve. Thank you for your help. Have a nice
day. Nice greetings from Slovenia. Edi.

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