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Profo Rubens Almeida rubens.escritadesinais at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 10 21:43:50 UTC 2021

Hello everyone on the SignWriting List,

I would like to share with you:

E-book available for free download:


Book Trailer :


👉🏽 Presentation of the book in digital format:


This is the launch of the E-book “Ana Jansen’s legend and stories” in
Libras-SignWriting in honor of the deaf leader Telasco Pereira Filho! It is
a trilingual children's book (Libras, Portuguese and English), we were
privileged to have been honored with the preface by Adam!

The work was published in the state of Maranhão in partnership between
SEDUC / MA, Guarnicê Produções and Dupla Criação e Publicidade, with its
initiative departing from CAS / MA through the project “Escrita em Libras
Maranhão”, with the objective of making knowledge accessible to the deaf,
especially children and young deaf users of Libras, in addition to
spreading the writing of Libras (SignWriting System) even more in Brazil.

The book is derived, being a translation and adaptation of the 2D animation
short film: “The little story of the legend of Ana Jansen”, based on the
comic book by Beto Nicácio.

I would like to thank Valerie who supported us in making the e-book
available on the website to download and Adam who gladly made himself
available to write the foreword to the book.

Hugs to all!

[image: Lançamento do E-book em Libras.png]

[image: Capa - Youtube.png]




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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