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Dear all,
A further comment on researchgate:
I have made the experience that researchgate claims to have papers and if you register to download the paper you get the information that the author didn't upload it yet. Which is not very surprising, if the author hasn't registered at all (as in my case: when I registered, I met with a request by Nathan Hill for one of my papers...)
I do not think this is serious or fair business.
Most of these platforms also allow uploads through other persons. I found a Petech article on academia. And I stumbled across one of my papers on scribbd.
Nevertheless we cannot ignore that for the time being most of the papers in our fields are posted on academia.
Best wishes,

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> Subject: Re: [Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Many thanks
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> Hi Elissa, hi all, 
> Yes, those are very handy. Academia.edu <http://academia.edu/> and researchgate are commercial players, though, and they can change the rules of the game anytime. Last week I wanted to open a draft paper for comments on Academia.edu <http://academia.edu/> and found that it was now a feature reserved for paid accounts. There are also lots of advertisements along the way. That is fair enough: the rule is that, if it's free, we're the product. The Conditions of use of Academia.edu <http://academia.edu/> (if we care to read them) clarify that we hand over to them ownership of our papers ^^
> Seen in this light, institutional archives like Arxiv or HAL-SHS <https://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/> have much, much greater appeal. They are free for users, curated by professionals, and they guarantee long-term archiving. So do consider depositing in such archives, for stability and public service. HAL-SHS is open to depositors from any institution in the world. A recent example of a paper about a Tibeto-Burman language is available here <https://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/halshs-02945164>. 
> Preprint archives have constraints of their own (if the publisher has exclusive copyright, only a preprint version can be deposited, not the final, published PDF), but also some very real strengths and advantages. Thus, deposits in HAL-SHS can have links to relevant primary data. For instance, in the case of Dobbs and La's paper in Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area: 
>> https://doi.org/10.24397/pangloss-0004841 <https://doi.org/10.24397/pangloss-0004841>
>> https://doi.org/10.24397/pangloss-0004839 <https://doi.org/10.24397/pangloss-0004839>
> That's for publications. About data, it also seems worth putting in a word for institutional archives: language data archives that are members of the DELAMAN network / the Open Language Archive Community (OLAC). In times when access to the field is even harder than usual, the value of well-curated data, made publicly available, is even clearer. 
> With best wishes
> Alexis
> Le dim. 27 sept. 2020 à 07:11, Elissa Ikeda <elissa.ikeda at gmail.com <mailto:elissa.ikeda at gmail.com>> a écrit :
>> Dear all,
>> I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who have made your work publicly available in PDF form on services like academia.edu <http://academia.edu/> and researchgate.net <http://researchgate.net/>. In an era when we can't get our graduate students into the country, much less into the library, your generosity is proving invaluable.
>> Thank you,
>> Elissa Ikeda
>> Payap University, Linguistics Department
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