[Edling] Book: Bilingual Learners and Social Equity Edited by Ruth Harman

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Title: Bilingual Learners and Social Equity

Editor: Ruth Harman

ISBN: 978-3-319-60951-5
Hardback Price: $99.99

*Softcover Price: $24.99

URL: http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319609515

About the book:

This volume explores how educators conceptualized and implemented critical approaches to systemic functional linguistics that support bilingual students in appropriating and challenging dominant knowledge domains in K-16 contexts. The researchers exhibit a shared commitment to enacting a culturally sustaining SFL praxis that validates multilingual meaning making, pushes against social inequity, and fosters creative re-mixing of available semiotic resources. It should prove a valuable resource for students, teachers and researchers interested in applied linguistics, education and critical theory.

Table of contents:


- Transforming Normative Discourses of Schooling: Critical Systemic Functional Linguistics Praxis by Ruth Harman.

- Glossary of Key Terms.

- Part 1: Reflection Literacy and Critical Language Awareness Linguistic Tools for Supporting Emergent Critical.

- Language Awareness in the Elementary School by Mary Schleppegrell and Jason Moore.

- 'We Can Speak to the World': Applying Meta-Linguistic Knowledge for Specialized and Reflexive Literacies by Sally Humphrey.

- Student Use of SFL Resources on Fantasy, Canonical, and Non-Fiction Texts: Critical Literacy in the High School ELA Classroom by Amber M. Simmons.

- Critical SFL Praxis Principles in English Language Arts Education: Engaging Pre-Service Teachers in Reflective Practice by Mariana Achugar and Brian D. Carpenter.

- Critical SFL Praxis Among Teacher Candidates: Using Systemic Functional Linguistics in K-12 Teacher Education by Luciana C. de Oliveira and Mary A. Avalos.

- Part 2: Register Variation and Equity.

- Mainstream Classrooms as Engaging Spaces for Emergent Bilinguals: SEF Theory, Catalyst for Change by María Estela Brisk and Marcela Ossa Parra.

- Translanguaging in Systemic Functional Linguistics: A Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy for Writing in Secondary Schools by Nihal Khote.

- Paraphrastic Academic Writing: Entry Point for First Generation Advanced Bilingual College Students by Andrés Ramírez.

- Part 3: Multimodal Designing.

- Critical Praxis, Design and Reflection Literacy: A Lesson in Multimodality by Diane Potts.

- Multimodal Mediation and Argumentative Writing: A Case Study of a Multilingual Learner's Metalanguage Awareness Development by Dong-shin Shin.

- Conclusion.

- Bringing it All Together: Critical Take(s) on Systemic Functional linguistics by Ruth Harman

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