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We are happy to announce that Volume 16, Number 3 of Language Learning

& Technology is now available at http://llt.msu.edu. The contents are
listed below.

Please visit the LLT Web site and be sure to enter your free
subscription if you have not already done so. Also, we welcome your
contributions for future issues. Check our guidelines for submission
at: http://llt.msu.edu/contrib.html.


Dorothy Chun and Mark Warschauer, Editors
Language Learning & Technology (http://llt.msu.edu)


Eye Tracking as a Measure of Noticing: A Study of Explicit Recasts in SCMC
by Bryan Smith

Promoting Learner Autonomy through Multiliteracy Skills Development in
Cross-Institutional Exchanges
by Mirjam Hauck, Carolin Fuchs, and Andreas Müller-Hartmann

Towards an Instructional Programme for L2 Vocabulary: Can a Story Help?
by Peter Prince

----- COLUMNS -----

Emerging Technologies
Edited by Robert Godwin-Jones

Robot Assisted Language Learning
by Jeonghye Han

Action Research
Edited by Greg Kessler

Promoting EFL Students’ Inferential Reading Skills through Computerized
Dynamic Assessment
by Adeline Teo

----- REVIEWS -----

Edited by Paige Ware

Deconstructing Digital Narratives: Young People, Technology, and the New
Thomas, M. (Ed.)
Reviewed by Mark Evan Nelson

Language Teaching in Blended Contexts
Nicolson, M., Murphy, L., & Southgate, M.
Reviewed by Rebeca Fernandez

Rocket Languages
Reviewed by Wan-Jeng Chang

Using Corpora in the Classroom
Reppen, R.
Reviewed by Jacqueline Mull


News From Sponsoring Organizations

Call for papers: Action Research Column

Edited by Greg Kessler
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