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For many years now there is an excellent Web page devoted to the sounds animals make @ http://www.georgetown.edu/faculty/ballc/animals/animals.html.


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  In the figure brackets and capitals I added corresponding verbs and nouns in Russian.

              Hayim Y. Sheynin

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  The words I inserted in caps show how close English and German are.


    Some languages, like English, have an extensive lexicon for characteristic
    sounds made by different animals, e.g.

    neigh, whinny  (WIEHERN) , snort  (SCHNAUBEN)  : horse
                                        Rus. {RZhAT'}

    bark, growl: dog {LAYAT', LAY}

    howl  (HEULEN) : dog, coyote, wolf {VYT', VOY}

    grunt  (GRUNZEN) , snort: hog/pig  {KHRIUKAT' }

    chirp  (ZIRPEN) /sing  (SINGEN) : bird {CHIRIKAT', PET'}

    meow  (MIAUEN) : cat {MIAUKAT'}

    cackle  (GACKERN) : chicken {KUDAKHTAT'; KUDAKHTAN'E}

    crow  (KRÄHEN) : rooster {KUKUREKAT'; KUKUREKU}

    laugh  (LACHEN) : hyena {SMEIAT'SIA}

    low: cow {MYCHAT'; MYCHANIE; MU}

    gobble: turkey {???}

    quack: duck {KRIAKAT'}

    honk: goose {only paraphrastic KRICHAT' (shout); IZDAVAT' ZVUKI (utter sounds}; but the swan POIOT (SINGS) (at least once in his life)

    Other languages, such as Cheyenne, have very few words for the sounds made
    by specific animals. I only know of the word emaa'e 'he is barking' used of
    a dog, for Cheyenne. Otherwise, other sounds of animals are covered by the
    generic word enestoohe "he is making the sound."

    How about for one or more languages you have researched? How extensive is
    the vocabulary for characteristic sounds made by different animals? At this
    point, I'm not asking for the onomatopoeic words mimicking the sounds made
    by animals (e.g. English woof woof, cockle doodle doo) but that would be
    another interesting collection.

    Wayne Leman
    Cheyenne website: http://www.geocities.com/cheyenne_language


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