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April 10, 2007

On Apr 10, 2007, at 9:50 AM, Adam Frost wrote:
> You are right that you don't see them that often in SignWriting.  
> They are generally used for more information (like for Spelling  
> Sequence). I don't blame you for wanting to know where to find  
> information about them. SymbolBank has a short eplaination about  
> every base symbol of the IMWA. There I found this page: http:// 
> I  
> also go into SignText or SignMaker to see all of the symbols and  
> how they rotate and what not. If you still don't understand  
> something, please ask. :-)
> Adam


> On 4/9/07, Sandy Fleming <sandy at> wrote: Val,
> Any chance of a tutorial (or a pointer to where I can learn) about the
> Category 7 ("Space") symbols?
> I don't think I've ever seen them used in SignWriting but thye do make
> it look like I'm missing something important!
> Thanks!! Sandy


THANK YOU, Adam, for this clear answer ....That was the perfect  
document to mention...and that is probably enough information for  
anyone using SignWriting...Here is a screen capture of the symbols:

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I agree a more detailed description of each symbol is needed... I can  
write that up for you later..For daily writing, as Adam said, these  
symbols are not used. They are used to help researchers pin down  
spatial relationships, and they are used in Movement Writing for Full- 
Body writing, such as dance and sports, and they are used in  
SignSpellings as Adam mentioned, to pin down specific look-ups of  
signs that are similar to each other, but one sign might be close to  
the body and another might be far from the explanation will  
be coming on the web ...

Sandy - If you start adding SignSpellings to your BSL SignPuddle 1.5  
dictionary online, then these symbols may be useful to you...You can  
register and login, and become an editor if you wish...

BSL SignPuddle

Val ;-)

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