no-hit (1898), no-hitter (1911), one-hitter (1918)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Fri Dec 3 01:32:31 UTC 2004

no-hit (OED3 has 1905):

Fort Wayne (Indiana) News, June 11, 1898, p. 3
Several no-hit games have been pitched this season, but none where only
twenty seven men went to bat. ... In the game between Spokane and Tacoma
following the no-hit game, the Spokane pitchers gave sixteen men bases on
balls and still won their game, 0 to 7.

no-hitter (OED3 has 1920):

Lincoln (Nebraska) Evening News, Aug 31, 1911, p. 6
The other twirlers who have put over no-hitters are: Callahan, Cy Young
(2), Tannehill, Henley, F. Smith, now with Cincinnati (2), Dineen, Rhodes,
Joss (2), and Bender.

one-hitter (OED3 has 1933):

(Lincoln, Nebraska) Evening State Journal, June 4, 1918, p. 9
"Lefty" Gregg, Cleveland castoff, pitched a one-hitter against St. Louis.

--Ben Zimmer

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