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Tue Jul 24 08:23:56 UTC 2018

I am working on reciprocals in Thai and want to share that Thai speakers
mark both reciprocal and collective sentences (and also distributive) with
a particle/adverb *kan *(see Iwasaki & Ingkaphirom 2005). As a collective
marker, *kan *can occur following any kind of verbs, either trans or
intrans, as long as the subject is plural (unlike for reciprocal-marking
where verbs are restricted to trans only). However, speakers prefer to use
*kan *for reciprocals rather than collective, so another way (and also the
major mean) is to combine *kan *with an adverb *duay *‘too/also’, for
example, *A B tham kaan-baan kan/duay-kan *‘A and B do homework together.’
This is also similar to the case of  *kan *in Lao (see Enfield 2007).

Hope it helps.

Jirat Hiranras

PhD candidate, School of Culture, History and Language

The Australian National University

On 24 July 2018 at 17:33, Randy J. LaPolla <randy.lapolla at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> A student in China (Liu Weifeng) working on Kyrgyz asked me for references
> about collective marking on the verb. This marking in Kyrgyz (-ish-) is
> distinct from plural marking, and used together with plural marking, and
> implies the action was done by two or more people together rather than
> individually.
> I am aware of the following article, though do not have access to it, and
> don’t even know know for sure whether it documents this phenomenon:
> Nedjalkov, Vladimir P. 2007. Reciprocals, assistives and plural in
> Kirghiz. In Nedjalkov, Vladimir (with the assistance of Emma Geniusiene and
> Zlatka Guentcheva) (eds.), Typology of reciprocal constructions, 1231-1280.
> Amsterdam: Benjamins.
> I don't know of any other works on this type of category in any language.
> Has this been looked into in any languages?
> Thanks!
> Randy
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