[Lingtyp] Pronouns for socially deictic 'The Powerful Other'

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Dear typologists,

Chinese has a commonly used pronoun renjia (人家,people-home), roughly referring to a third party in dialogues.  Elusive as it may be, this socially deictic pronoun is used on the condition that the renjia-referring person takes a priority over (e.g. taller, richer, more dominant, or more justified than) a reference party involved in a certain state or event, be it addressor, addressee, or other third parties. 

It means that once renjia is used, the main clause predicate somewhere is obliged to ensure that renjia takes the priority, which constitutes a special case of 'agreement' in some sense. 

Brown and Gilman (1960)'s Solidarity and Power indices prove powerful in explaining T-V divisions. Renjia is special in its third-party denotation. 

May I have the honor of your remindings of some similar terms for the 'Powerful, Autonomous Other' in other languages, or some literature.

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