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Hmm.  Looking at number 6 I'd only add the wrist flex line to ensure that the whole sequence stays in the only place and repeats itself.  It's the repeat that's a challenge.  

I put all the curves into a single line with a hold-in-place wrist.  That looks clearer to me.  

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Hi Valerie and
well - if I
should vote for any spelling I have seen so far I would prefer your Picture #6
- smile - 
From the readers point
of view it provides as much information as needed - so I would not want to miss
any hands ... and it is not too much detail-writing! The challenge is to
present a spelling that allows the competent reader to understand the idea of
the scribe ...
And I agree
Charles – once a sign is explained as a representation of a now well
known performance you would accept any simplification -  but that might be
the point – I would prefer a spelling that would not end up in a guessing
game. Movement Writing should allow us to describe the given performance as
accurate as possible. 
In addition to
that - I am wondering - just in case you do not want to move your hands to the
right side but just let them do this wave once and again -   is there
a chance to add any symbol that would say - "no travelling" - but
move your hands as a unit along this path but stay in place?
Thank you very
much for this lesson!
Stefan ;-)
Von: SignWriting [mailto:signwriting at mac.com]
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2009 04:30
An: SignWriting List
Cc: Stefan
Betreff: Re: AW:
[sw-l] movement in LIQUID
SignWriting List
March 8, 2009
On Mar 7, 2009,
at 11:39 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> What I am interested
in is to proof that MovementWriting allows us to 
> describe
even this kind of complex movement - and if so I would not 
> mind to look
at a sequence of 4 or 8 signs that will indicate the 
> different
> that can be
seen during the whole movement.
Hello Stefan!
I would feel very
honored, if you would apply your Movement Writing skills, or your SignWriting
skills, to writing this movement for us, from your perspective. How would you
write this movement, based on the frames you see in these photos? (see attached
I know you are
very busy teaching, but when you have time it would be wonderful to see your
writing, not because we need to prove anything to anyone, but because it will
be good for the writing system to get your input...I think all of the attempts
so far, have highlighted different aspects of the movement, but no one decision
or final writing has been established so far, and I think that is good, to keep
discussing it from different perspectives. One thing that I have learned over
35 years is that people look at the same movement and see different things, and
choose to write different things, so "writing what you see" and also
"writing what you feel intuitively" is as complex as the human brain
The reason that
SignWriting and Movement Writing have been used these
35 years is
because we have remained flexible and open to these kinds of discussions and
new ideas...that is how SignWriting slowly went from Receptive to Expressive,
and from horizontal to vertical, and so many other developments that happened
one by one, step by step, through contact with writers and an openness to
And the goals of
SignWriting and Movement Writing are somewhat different...In SignWriting, it is
my hope anyway, that we can find a way to write sign languages on a daily basis
that is detailed enough to make it possible to read every sign, but simple
enough to make reading fun and easy...that is a hard balance to find, where
Movement Writing, which is mostly for research, can be very very detailed...but
that is also why it is not used on a daily basis...
So if you wish to
write it from a Movement Writing perspective, or a SignWriting
perspective...both are very welcome and will give us much to discuss and think
Many thanks for
your nice message -
See attached...
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