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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Feb 12 14:51:42 UTC 2010

Hi Honza,

The SignPuddle 1.5 SignMaker and SignText do not support the 
SignSpelling Sequence.  For SignPuddle 1.5, you'll need to use the 
SignSpelling button (really the SignSpelling Sequence).  When you submit 
the sequence data you'll see "sequence=" followed by a comma separated 
list of symbol names.

The new SignMaker and SignText use the data format BSW which includes 
the sequence in the data.  If you click on the BSW Analyze button for a 
sign with a sequence, you can find the sequence in the BSW data.  Let's 
consider the ASL sign for "hello".

The BSW for this sign contains the Spatial SignSpelling and the 
SignSpelling Sequence:

The BSW data uses 4 hexadecimal values per character.  The sequence 
marker is character "0081".  You can see the sequence marker in the BSW 
data above, followed by 3 additional characters:

The BSW data breaks down to characters "0081", "1af1", "5ec0", "6ca7".  
On the "Detail" section of the analysis page, you will find the sequence 
data explained at the end of the data:

As part of the SignWriting Image Server, the new SignMaker and new 
SignText have the sequence data included using the BSW data format.  The 
sequence marker "0081" is always used to indicate a sequence.  The 
sequence marker is only included if there is a sequence.  Create a sign 
with the new SignMaker and view the BSW in the URL.

Or load the new SignMaker with a sign that has a Spatial SignSpelling 
and a SignSpelling Sequence  such as "hello"

Hope that helps,
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